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Screen protector for Apple watch series 3-2-1 (38mm)

Screen protector for Apple watch series 3-2-1 (38mm)

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Enjoy double the strength of a screen with shatter protection, protecting your device's screen from bumps and scratches. InvisibleShield Ultra Clear has a high-gloss finish feels like your smartphone's own screen, advanced glass-like surface, Advanced Clarity, maximum clarity combined with a glass-like appearance, surface for protection that looks as good as it looks feel. InvisibleShield Ultra Clear offers superior protection with a hardness class of 9H, meaning your Apple Watch Series 3-2-1 (38mm) will be protected from even the deepest scratches.


  • Drainer Application Instructions
  • Dust Removal Sticker
  • Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Wipe
  • S elf-Healing Nano-Memory Technology™ Scientifically formulated smart molecules heal minor scratches and dents, time and time again.
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